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Hello everybody! Welcome to my blog! I am a Primary School English teacher learning about TICS! In this blog I will tell you about different tools and ideas to use in your class! Do not hesitate to ask me if you have any question!

Friday, 11 March 2016

CLIL e project

Hello everybody! It took me some days to decide the topic that I am going to use to create my CLIL project, but at the end here it is! I am going to create a project to work the 5 continents since it is the topic I am currently studying with my students in the training period. I have created a video with a fantastic application that I had never used before! it is called Buncee and it is really easy to use.

First of all you need to register. Once you do it you can start creating. You decide the background and then just by clicking the "+" you can add animations, text, you can upload your own images (do not forget to bear in mind if they have copyright), stickers, youtube videos and you can even draw! I love this application because I think that it is easier than the ones we have used before, and so, it can be used for little children as well. In my opinion these kinds of applications are perfect to use in our lessons! We could use them in many different ways, we could ask the children to create a story or we can create it to explain something to them in an attractive and funny way!

However, there is a bad thing about this application that you should be aware of.... Buncee doesn't dive you the opportunity to record your voice and add it to the presentation unless you for it (prenium account), so unfortunately it is not very useful if you are thinking about creating a video. 

But you know what? It is when you have problems the moment in which you start thinking solutions, and as I did, you can come across with new tools like the one I found out. 

I solve my problem and I added my voice to this Buncee using atube catcher. I recorded the presentation and I talked at the same time, it is like a video but much more original don't you think so? :) 

 I hope you like my project, I think that not only does it work communication, content and cognition but also the culture which is the "C" that is normally neglected in our CLIL lessons! I am looking forward to hearing your feedback!!!

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