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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Chocolate (Bebida) - GIFMANIA

Our chocotalk!Cookies - GIFMANIA

Last thursday (7th  of April) we celebrated our chocotalk! Do you know what a chocotalk is? You can read all the information here

I will described the chocotalk as the best challenge I have had in this subject! It was really funny and we learnt so much!  We were given different roles: Víctor and Elena were responsible for writing tweets during the chocotalk so everybody could read what was going on! They did a really good job almost like proffesionals! They used the hashtags #chococharlas and #ictclil_urjc in case you are interested in having a look at them. Inma and Lola were the speakers, they participated in the chocotalk giving their opinions about the different topics. And finally Natalia and I who were the curators, we tried to summarize the most importtant aspects of the chocotalk. You can see the final result below.
In order to do that, we used the tool Storify. I have to say that I had never heard about it before and I was impressed with its results.  I think we can use this application in our classes with our students, for instance I remember that in the school where I did my training period they did one activity with twitter. The students were asked to tweet the events that happened during the 23F as if they were really living them. It was an interesting activity in which everybody collaborated. I believe that after having done it, it would have been interesting to summarize the final result with the best tweets, and they could have used storify to do that. You can see the twitter here
I also think that we could use this tool to comment and work with  important news that we want our students to know. They could summarize them and add their comments. This is a good activity since apart from concepts, it is important to teach our students to be competitive and critic citizens.

So here you can see our final result:

 We hope you like it! You can also see the whole video again:

We are looking forward to doing this activity again!

I have seen that there is one school that does chococharlas as well! Have a look at its video. In my opinion it is really nice. Not only do they practice their speaking skills but also they have fun at the same time.
Gifs from: http://www.gifanimados.com/

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