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Friday, 15 April 2016

ordenadores - GIFMANIA

Create a collaborative slideshow that supports learners:

Hello! This is our last mission working in teams. It consist of creating a collaborative slideshow/animation/screencast/story/comic about a CLIL goal that matches our eprojects and that supports learners.

We all agreed to create a tutorial to explain our children how to use Infographic, since it is the tool that they are required to use in the final activity of our CLIL e-project to present the candidatures of their countries.

To create our tutorial we have used “Screencast-O-Matic” which is an online tool that allows to create videos with screen shoots with high quality of image and sound. This tool also gives you the possibility to share your final product in YouTube or download it.
There are two versions, we used the free one, which we consider that is very complete. You can select the part of the screen you want to appear in your video and   record it for 15 minutes. Moreover, you can use use the webcam so your image will appear in a little slide in the corner.
From our personal point of view, we can use this tool in our classes for many purposes. For instance, we could ask our children  to create a StoryJumper and then record the screen while turning the pages telling the story (they can imitate the characters´ voices). In this way, they would be able to practice their speaking skills at the same time they practice their ICT skills, and all of this in a meaningful and engaging way.
We appreciate this activity, as it made us reflect on the need of creating tutorial in our classes.  Even thought working in groups make things easier, there are some tools that are difficult to manage and need clarification from the teacher. Some children can feel stress because they are not good at using ICT tools. However, if the teacher knows how to solve this problem and scaffold those children, we can integrate the TICS in our lessons without any problem!
Therefore, creating a tutorial  is a good thing to bear in mind when introducing difficult e-tools in our classes.
To make it look even nicer we edited the video with “IMovie”, exactly the same we used for the previous challenge. We were really happy with the results we had in our video and we thought that this app was perfect to create the tutorial as well! In our opinion it has little details that could be improved, although in general it is a good e-tool.
Creating tutorials is something really good that even our students could do! As Vygotsky said peer learning is quite beneficial, why do not ask our students to share what they know? We could ask them to create a tutorial explaining how to cook, or something they are really good at, in this way they could feel special, practice their ICT and speaking skills and teach their peers at the same time! Isn’t this fantastic? What do you think? Do you use tutorials in your class?
You can see our final result here:

This is going to be part of the AporTICs nationwide collaborative project, so when we finished it we submited our tutorial  to their blog and now we are looking forward to having it published!

 We also included  a common license to our tutorial. As we have seen in this subject we have seen the importance of using them. In this case we chose this one 

Licencia de Creative Commons
As we want others to be able to share our work but withouth modifying it and we do not want anyone to benefit economically from our creations.

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Let me know your opinion by posting a comment!
Thanks for reading!
gif from: http://www.gifanimados.com/

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