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Hello everybody! Welcome to my blog! I am a Primary School English teacher learning about TICS! In this blog I will tell you about different tools and ideas to use in your class! Do not hesitate to ask me if you have any question!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

3,2,1 Introduction  

Bienvenido, Signo, Caligrafía, Moderna, MultilingüeBienvenido, Palabras, Saludo, Idioma, La Comunicación
Hello everybody and welcome to my blog! First of all let me introduce myself... Don't worry I will not bore you with a long text describing myself, instead of that I am going to use a fantastic tool that I would like you to see! This tool is Storyjumper!  I had never heard about it before  but it is relly easy to use, and very quick too!

You design the cover by choosing the colour and the tittle, and then you have a wide range of possibilities for the story: You can add characters ( I found it quite interesting that you add the face and then you select the emotion for that face), also the backgrounds, and many details to make your stories look nicer! Once you finish, you can share it in your social networks, or you can opt for copying the URL as I did:  


It also has a  special effect which makes it look  like a real book (it seems that you are turning the pages)!

For these reasons I think that it is a good resource to use in our lessons, you can addapt the story to talk about any topic and it is quite attractive for the children, I am sure that it will catch their attention!

I will give you an example and so you can think about the wide range of possibilities you can use this programme for. For instance in first year of Primary school they were studying the landforms in Science and the vocabulary related to fantasy in English, so what was my idea? We took advantage of the class of ICT and we create a story in which there were giants and mermaids who were in islands, or mountains! It is a great activity and they learnt by having fun! :)  You can ask them to work in pairs or as whole group, as you prefer, I opted for the first option and it had very good results! As they were very engaged in the activity they didn't shout!  I would really recommend that you try this activity, we can work many things at the same time, and from my experience I can tell you that the results will be really good!

I am looking forward to hearing if you used this programme or a similar one with your students! and if you hadn't the opportunity how would you use it?

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