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Hello everybody! Welcome to my blog! I am a Primary School English teacher learning about TICS! In this blog I will tell you about different tools and ideas to use in your class! Do not hesitate to ask me if you have any question!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

My PLE and PLN
Here is my PLE AND PLN. This challenge  allowed me to reflect about my profesional background, what I used and use to learn in CLIL..
First of all I would like to start by saying that I used paint to do it, it is a very easy tool  to use, However, I would not recommend to do this kind of things with it. As María Jesús wisely said, it is better to use others that give you the possibility to continue editing in case you ran out of time in one computer. Although at the end I did it and the result is very good I will take that into account for future challenges.
 There are so many programmes that I used and of course I use in the present that are part of my PLE
The most important ones for me, since are  the one which I use the most are  Facebook, Instagram, Skype and Twitter, they are known as the Social Networks. Probably you are already familiarise with them. However, do you really know how to take advantage of them to learn and to share CLIL content? In my case I use them in this way:
In pinterest, facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube I follow several pages which are related to CLIL, they post daily information, materials and ideas that allow me to learn a lot, I can also put some of these things into practice.
As far as skype is concerned, I use it to talk with people that I met last year in King's College School  who  are related to the education field, they give me advice and tell me about different resources that can be used in class. Although, all of them are also part of my PLN since I also share information there!
Coursera is without doubt something that you should know about! It gives you the possibility to take a lot of courses for free, not only can you choose among education related courses but also about maths, other languages... and everything you can imagine! Have a look at it here!
 I did a course about autism which was really good and it was also fantastic to prepare for the first certificate in English!
I had never heard about story jumper before but it helped me a lot to create fantastic stories for the children, and now that I know about it I used to tell the children stories that were already created like for example one about emotions (really good tool!!!).
Everybody knows google and wikipedia, you can find whatever you want about CLIL very quick and really easy too!
In regards of CNN, I would say that not only  is it useful  to consult things about CLIL but also to learn english as you can read news in this language.
My PLN is very simple, I had one blog that I created when I was in the degree in which we posted things about CLIL and now with my new one I will do exactly the same!
Whatsapp is the most useful tool when learning and sharing things about CLIL, as I can easily ask to my partners of the master of the degree doubts or we can even share ideas.
Of course the Master and the training period are my two main sources of information when learning about CLIL, but also to share, when we do presentations we expose what we have learnt, and when others do them we learn from them. The same happens in my training period, of course I am learning such valuable things from my teacher but she is learning a lot from me, for example about ICT (she did not know StoryJumper and I showed her last week).
In a nutshell, this activity has been really interesting since now I am more aware of  the tools I use, and I can see that they are not so many. Thanks to my peers presentations I will increase my PLE, (thanks Neus because I knew TED Talks but I have never used it in CLIL), now you have talked us about it, and it is part of your PLE, I think that I am going to take it into account for listening to my students and of course for listening for me to improve!
I hope you like it! Do not hesitate to ask me if you have any doubt!
I am looking forward to seeing your comments.

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